Great skin isn’t a given. Nor is it automatic. If it were, having eight glasses of water a day, followed by a nightly application of facial lotion would be enough to make anyone’s skin radiant.

Great skin, truly great skin, goes far beyond water, creams, genetics and finding shade on sweltering days. Our medically-derived, technically-advanced natural techniques play an indispensable role in your skin’s greatness. It’s a wonderful marriage of aesthetics and science that will leave you looking and feeling not only your best, but your youthful best.

And as much as we appreciate true beauty lives on the inside, our revitalizing approach to skin care ensures the outside-you is just as beautiful.

Gorgeous, even.

Your skin is ready. Are you?

To say skin care is Michelle’s passion would be the biggest of understatements. That’s because for over three decades, skin care has not only been Michelle’s bread and butter, but if we’re staying in the metaphorical world, her butter knife and bread plate, too.





“Personal Fix” – Consult

A skin care diagnosis and consultation where we create a custom treatment, or package of treatments, designed to treat your skin’s specific needs. Your skin is going to love it.

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“Quick Fix” – Facial

A no-nonsense facial that’s fantastic for teens, pregnant women and as a “tune-up” between treatments. Includes skin analysis, scrub, mask and steam, and product application.

  • $85 each
  • Buy 5, get the 6th free
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“Just Breathe” – Advanced Facial

Activate, detoxify, and oxygenate with the PCA Oxygenating Trio, a breath of fresh air for your skin! Integrated into our facial treatment, this 3 step formulation contains antioxidants and enzymes that leave the skin smooth, purified, and glowing! Enjoyable for all ages and skin types!

  • $135
  • Buy 5, get the 6th free
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“Oh! Natural” – SilkPeel

A soothing, non-invasive exfoliation that gently sweeps away debris – as a skin-specific topical solution works its way into the skin, leaving you looking fresh, hydrated and feeling a decade younger.

  • $210 each
  • Buy 5, get the 6th free.
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“Zero Gravity” – Skin Tightening

A relaxing, non-surgical treatment that uses radio frequencies to get under your skin and stimulate collagen. This will help tighten your skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Eyes $150
  • Lower face or neck $200
  • Lower face and neck $300
  • Full face $350
  • Buy 4, get two free
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“Skin Deep” – FSR

This safe, ultra-focused solution uses radio frequencies to stimulate new skin growth and successfully treats skin concerns like wrinkles, scarring and spots. Successfully treats skin of all colours.

  • $750 each
  • 3 for $2000
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“About Face” – Chemical Peel

With this custom liquid peel, we’re able to soften the appearance of aging while brightening your skin. This can be achieved in under 20 minutes. Can you say Hallelujah? (As an FYI, About Face makes for the ideal go-to between treatments.)

  • $150 each
  • Buy 5, get the 6th free
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“What’s The Buzz?” – Evo Microneedling

The Eclipse Micropen Elite is a gliding micro-needling treatment for the face or body that reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, stretch marks, hyper-pigmentation and acne scars with little downtime. What sets this apart from other micro-needling technology is its painless and gentle vibration (“buzz”) which will nearly put you to sleep.

  • $350 each
  • 3 for $950
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“Plump up the Volume” – Intensif Microneedling

We deliver heat in the skin by way of gold plated micro-needles – which trigger the skin’s natural healing process. This procedure is great for wrinkles, loose skin, acne scarring, traumatic scars and dilated pores. It’s safe for all skin types, and causes minimal pain and downtime. This procedure is great for skin of all colours.

  • $750 each
  • 3 for $2000
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“Smooth Move” – Dermaplaning

This dermaplaning facial treatment is ideal for anyone who has a dull complexion, a fuzzy face, congested pores, fine lines, acne scarring, or hyperpigmentation (sun spots).

  • $210 each
  • Buy 5, get the 6th free.
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“See The Light” – IPL

Ideal for people with lighter skin tones, this treatment helps with a variety of blemishes, including hyperpigmentation (sun spots), vascular lesions (vesssles/rosacea/ telangiectasia), acne, as well as collagen stimulation and hair removal.

  • Full Face $300
  • Custom pricing available
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“Beam Me Up” – 1540 Laser

This fractional, non-ablative skin resurfacing procedure treats acne scarring, scar improvement, wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, poor skin texture, skin tightening and brown spots. The results are gorgeous, to say the least.

  • Consultation required for pricing
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“Combo Treatments”

  • "Tight N' Bright" - Skin Tightening & Chemical Peel

    This unique Zero Gravity and About Face combo treatment could be just what the beauty doctor ordered. Experience a relaxing, non surgical treatment that smooths out fine lines and wrinkles (around the eyes, lower face or neck) – along with a custom liquid peel that wonderfully defies the aging process.

    • $350 each
    • Buy 5, get 6th free
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  • "For the Love of Light" - 1540 Laser & IPL

    This unique combination of our See the Light and Beam Me Up treatments is ideal for people with lighter skin tones. The first half of the treatment uses IPL to brighten hyperpigmentation and calm redness. The second half of the treatment uses fractional laser to treat scarring and signs of aging. Leave feeling youthful after this well rounded treatment.

    • Full Face $600
    • Full Face and Neck $650
    • Full Face, Neck and Chest $750
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  • "Porcelain Polish" - SilkPeel & IPL

    This unique combination of Oh!Natural and See the Light is perfect for anyone looking to even out and freshen up your natural skin. The exfoliation will sweep away debris creating a porcelain canvas for the IPL to clearly target imperfections. This treatment has no downtime and you will glisten as you walk out the door.

    • $450 each
    • 3 for $1200
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“Pop in Purification” – Extractions & High Frequency

A quick, high frequency treatment used to help kill acne bacteria, improves product penetration, and stimulates blood flow to the skin. In minutes.

  • $25 per treatment
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Hello maintenance.

Like you, your face needs care, attention and dare we say, some much needed love. A little maintenance goes a long way into naturally preserving your youthful glow.


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